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Hi, My Name Is Mandeep Singh, Business Coach -Preventive Healthcare, I Am A Fitness Enthusiast, And I Believe The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach.

WELLNESS COACHING- With 10 years of experience in the corporate world and 8 years in the wellness industry as a Preventive Healthcare Coach, helped thousands of people to make smart choices, Adopt Healthy Habits to prevent health hazards before they arise. I believe in healthier and more productive future ahead.

BUSINESS COACHING-  In addition to my wellness journey, I also specialize in business coaching, particularly for those aspiring to establish their presence in the booming wellness industry. Whether your ambition is to become a Health Educator or a Wellness Coach, I am here to provide expert guidance, helping you navigate step by step towards wellness business and turn your passion into a thriving and impactful venture. 

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"LAUNCH U" as A Wellnesspreneur

Welcome to the My LAUNCH U the Abundant Coaching System that empowers individuals to grow holistically and embark on a journey to launch their own wellness business, both in the digital and physical. Our program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance needed to thrive in the wellness sector while nurturing your well-being, personal growth, and entrepreneurial spirit. It's time to transform your aspirations into reality and create a life of abundance. Join us on this exciting path to success and Transform Holistically – · Physically, · Mentally and · Financially. Empower yourself to reach your · Fitness Goal · Emotional Goal and · Financial Goal.

 30 Day Health Challenge

Welcome to the 30 Day Health Challenge, your path to a healthier, happier you. We guide you through daily activities and habits that will completely transform your well-being with my exclusive “X” techniques—a step-by-step guidance to help you achieve your Health goals and live a life of abundance.

Welcome to a transformative journey

  • ​Accomplished: 5000 Entrepreneurs And Professionals Around The World,
  • 10000+ people transformed themselves completely towards Healthy and Happy Life.

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